In this stage, which starts from the fourth to ninth grade, the students begin to acquire knowledge , broaden their minds  and interact with teachers with a higher level of awareness and seriousness .


The Academy  works  to help students develop their feelings and express them correctly in a safe and stimulating  environment. The Academy has allocated classrooms that are fully equipped with all the necessary educational and technical means. The number of students in each class is limited to no more than 24 students.


In addition, the Academy selected the best teachers to teach this age group, and provided them with  professional training  to enable them to carry out  the theoretical aspects into practice. Moreover, this academic stage ,in our Academy , outlines the students’  future academic achievement .


The Academy has paid attention to the Arabic and English languages ​​and gave them the utmost care in addition to the other subjects approved by the Ministry of Education. At this stage, the Academy offers efficient classes for  music, art, vocational and sports in order to develop the students’ personalities, as well as to providing appropriate activities and clubs that play a pivotal role in identifying and refining the students’ talents.