Supervision and educational development is a specialized educational service aimed at improving the quality of Education by providing an educational and professional support to the teachers.

Therefore, the Supervision and Development is one of the most important sections at the premises, and it is called “the educational beating heart” due to its important rule.

The rules of this section can be summed up by following points:

  1. Evaluating, revising and developing the different curricula and sources of learning.
  2. Developing the student performance assessment tools and exams.
  3. Assessing teacher’s skills.
  4. Teacher selection on competitive grounds
  5. Teacher development, qualification and professional development
  6. Monitoring the quality and sustainability of the educational process
  7. Preparation of diagnostic tests for students
  8. Preparation of educational plans to upgrade student performance. (Remedial Classes)
  9. Development and application of rewarding systems to encourage outstanding teachers and students
  10. Motivating teachers and supervisors to participate actively in local and external educational conferences and seminars.
  11. Modernization of teaching methods in line with modern theories.