Since its inauguration, NCA has been persistently securing an educational, academic and inspiring environment aimed at distinction not only in the students’ academic achievement but also in their primary life skills such as the communication competence and self-expression. Building a solid, confident, ethically committed student personality has been the prime objective of NCA. Our strong belief in team work and shared management has directed us to construct the NCA Board comprising the academic, administrative and educational supervision for the purpose of planning, development and establishment of policies, rules and regulations in addition to being the upper authority in managing the academic and administrative affairs to effectively enhance strengths and profoundly address challenges

As I extend my great appreciation to parents for their trust in enrolling their children at the NCA to obtain their education, I reassure them our dedication to meet their expectation of receiving quality education resulting in academic fulfillment and healthy growth

My advice to the NCA personnel is that with loyalty and commitment, achievement and success shall be materialized. For the academic staff, I trust they are accountable for the responsibility they hold in the human being development,teaching and enhancement for the purpose of community growth and success

Thank You


Dr. Mohamed Adel