In the name of Allah we started and Him we trusted and believed, so blessed was the start up and  filled up with persistence and will was our inauguration heading up with our motto: “Read in the name of your most generous God. The One who with pencil has taught. HE has taught man what he never knew” Quran

Our vision is to base education on thinking and not spoon-feeding and encouraging creativity and motivating potentials. This could not have materialized without our distinguished academic staff who are highly capable in their field. They are our institutional asset and the makers of our success. As we strongly believe that family is the cornerstone of any society, we have established communication channels with the parents in order to empower our partnership aiming at addressing our students’ interests and handling challenges faced while learning.  The co-curricular activities and sports have also received our considerable attention for the positive impact they have on the students’ personality and health. NCA, therefore, has granted such activities its high priority.The modern playground, game fields and swimming pools are clear evidence of our approach to achieve a healthy body and mind growth among students. NCA is not a mere school or an academic institution, but it is a profound vision that has produced seeds of good since its first year. Our harvest has been bountiful of our students’ love to their Academy which shall continue ages to come  

NCA Superintendent

Shirin Qaddoumi