Since the establishment of North City Academy, we have sought to incorporate technology in all our departments; because we believe in the importance of technology within the Academy. This has materialized in what we offer of educational services that are keeping pace with technological advancement within a safe educational environment with various technological resources.  We have chosen the best equipment and advanced modern technology to implement our plan after we have prepared our infrastructure for it, that's why it was necessary to establish the information technology center that works on providing and managing technological services for our students, educational and managing staff.

Following are the center's duties, equipment and available software:

  1. Computer laboratories that are equipped with modern equipment (Thin Clint Lab), which based on Microsoft Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), taking into consideration the international licenses like; Microsoft license.
  2. Interactive boards; all our classrooms are equipped with interactive boards in cooperation with Al Hadaf for educational equipment (Hitachi Smart Board).
  3. The Academy internal system (App System), which is a complete system that includes registration, accounting, in addition to grades system and storage and much more.
  4. Access to software and applications that fulfill the student, academic and management needs, in addition to the activation of the educational programs according to the age range.
  5. Internet service that is fast and safe from unwanted sites, which is controlled by the firewall.
  6. Internal and external Surveillance system; to provide a safe environment for the students that is followed up by the management, in addition to the surveillance system in the Academy's buses.
  7. The Academy's website ( that displays all that is related to the Academy, starting from news, advertisements, activities, and events. In addition, the Academy's website is considered a communication channel with the student's parents.
  8. Technological support through the continuous checkups for the Academy's equipment and keeping track of the latest updates for the systems and software.
  9. Technology training sessions for our academic and management staff to elevate their technological knowledge in cooperation with the supervision and advancement department of the Academy.
  10. Providing all the help and support for the managerial and academic staff.