The Department of Administration is a cornerstone of the educational process in the Academy  and the success of that  section depends on the success of the administrative work in it. This department works to provide all administrative support services and provide the necessary  tools and resources in a healthy environment that is  suitable for the staff of the Academy, whether in administrative units or in various educational departments.


This department also manages all the administrative operations in addition to taking full care of the facilities and buildings of the Academy and the implementation of regulations . 


The functions of  this department  are:  

- Human Resources

 - Employee Contracts

 - Monitoring services: reception, printing and photocopying, stationery, publications, files, subscriptions to newspapers and magazines and the  library.

- Communications and Transport: transportation and drivers, and correspondents, Telephone, Fax and Mail, Travel.

-Facilities support services: security, offices, property insurance, maintenance, cleaning staff, and  cafeteria .

-Control of  the staff contracts .

-Procurement services: warehouse, follow-up and implementation of procurement, supervision of receipt and delivery of procurement and conformity to it.