1 Student

 -upgrade the academic achievement level

-develop commitment and appropriate conduct

 2 Teacher

-promote professional competences

-advance teaching methods and class management

-maintain job satisfaction


3 Curriculum

-apply the stated academic curriculum

-activate the e-learning facility

-enhance the role of the learning resources and center

4 School Activities

-achieve the student’s comprehensive growth; personal potential and life skills throughout the

various offered activities

5 School Administration

-provide quality educational/academic aids and services

-implement effectively established policies and emerging educational regulations

-apply quality assurance and performance

criteria measures


 6 School Environment

-prepare the appropriate teaching / learning environment

-maximize the school facilities utilization

-Brush up and embellish the school facilities 


  7 Staff Professional Development

-upgrade staff competences to support all educational processes


8 Relationship with Local Community

-augment communication with parents and local community environment  

-establish effective communication routes between staff and local community to support voluntary