Our Vision: To build and breed a generation that is capable of making decisions and meeting the demands of life, believing in its abilities and potentials.


 Our Mission: To instill social and ethical values ​​and mentor the students’ behaviors . The counselor  in North City Academy  seeks to reach a state of mental health , personal and social compatibility in the human being.


Counseling  is defined as the process of  helping those in need, by helping the individual understand his / her psyche and thus adapt to the environment around him / her. The counselor provides educational and academic advice to the students . In the  direct contact with the students , he/she understands their needs, and understands their opinions, and takes them seriously, and does not delay his work, but deals with all cases urgently and without hesitation, according to his/ her assessment of the situation.


 He/ She also helps  fellow teachers constantly to provide them with the necessary educational consultations to shape and modify the students’ behaviors . In addition, the counselor  guides the students professionally, and looks forward with them academically and professionally. The counselor is a comprehensive educational employee who must make him/herself an important reference in the school, so that he/she  has an active role in the collective counseling. The role of the counselor  is not limited at this point, as it provides guiding classes and collective guidance for all students.


 Finally, the counselor should have a consistent relationship with the principals, colleagues and parents of the students. For all this, the Academy has worked to attract the best guiding competencies to strengthen the advisory and constructive role among students.